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Adding a quiz question

nita11 posted this discussion 8 years and 1 month ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by nita11

Adding a quiz question

Hi Daniel,
Sorry, but am a bit confused about the quiz question.

1. Not sure what kind of question to add: should it be based on the content posted, or one for the reader/traveler to research and find out!
2. Is there a way to edit it later?
3. Should every chapter have a quiz question?

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Posted on
by Daniel

1) The quiz question is an extra gimmick. We have no restrictions on what kind of questions to put in, except that it should be fun for the user to play the quiz. If the question/answer is fun, then put it in. Imagine you are sitting with your friends, and one says "Did you know this and that about ....? I learned that from a quiz question".

2) Yes, you can edit it anytime.

3) You do not need to add any quiz question. Completely up to you. Other users will not see the quiz question box at all if you do not enter it. Try logging out and reload the page.

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