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Driving Time Between Cities In Australia

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Australia's low population density and large size makes for long driving times between major centres. Some indicative travel times, not including any rest periods, are:

  • Melbourne to Sydney: 9-10 hours (900km / 560 miles)
  • Brisbane to Sydney: 12-13 hours (1000km / 620 miles)
  • Perth to Sydney: 45 hours (4000km / 2500 miles)
  • Sydney to Canberra: 3.5 hours (300km / 185 miles)
  • Adelaide to Melbourne: 8-10 hours (750km / 465 miles)
  • Brisbane to Melbourne: 19-20 hours (1700km / 1056 miles)
  • Melbourne to Perth: 40 hours (3500km / 2175 miles)
  • Perth to Adelaide: 32 hours (2700km / 1677 miles)
  • Brisbane to Cairns: 22-24 hours (1700km / 1056 miles)

It is almost impossible to predict your travel time just by knowing the distance. Seek local advice for the best route, and how much time to allow. Averaging 100km/h or more is possible on some relatively minor highways when they are straight and there are few towns. On other national highways that traverse mountain ranges and travel through small towns, even averaging 60km/h can be a challenge.

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