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Mount Agung Getting around

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There are three climbing routes up the mountain, all are difficult and unless you are physically fit and have some serious trekking experience, do not even attempt any of these climbs.

Climbing routes

From Besakih (west)

This is a demanding climb starting close to Besakih temple. The ascent will take about 6 to 7 hours and ends at the very highest point of the mountain. The final hour or so is exceptionally demanding often requiring ascent on all fours. A sensible start time is about 11PM, so that you arrive at the top before dawn and wait for the sunrise. Allow as long to get down as it took you to get up.

From Pura Pasar Agung (south)

A three to four hour climb in which time you ascend about 2,000 metres. Not so stiff as the Besakih route. The route ends about 100 metres below the actual summit, but the views are still excellent in all directions, as well as down into the actual crater. A sensible start time would be about 2:30 AM, again with aim of reaching the peak just before dawn.

A new way turn left at the middle of the climbing to reach the summit in 4 hours. Only experienced people can follow this road.

From Duku Bujangga Sakti (north)

A seldom used route but one which is most appropriate for less experienced trekkers and the slightly less physically fit. The ascent starts at 300 metres and involves an overnight camp at 1,700 metres, before the final ascent in the pre-dawn hours the following day. This route also allows you to walk around the rim of the crater to the absolute summit of the mountain.


The service of a local guide is absolutely essential. Guides can be arranged in advance via your hotel (especially if you are staying in Candidasa or Amed), at the Pura Pasar Agung temple close to the time of your planned climb, or via the following contacts.

Wayan WIDI YASA is a local guide who first discovered the new road to the top from Pura Pasar Agung. Tel: +62 852 372 50607. Mail

Gung Bawa Trekking Gung Bawa is an experienced local Balinese guide with great reviews since 1996. He will guide you on the Besakih or Pura Pasar Agung route. Has an office in the village of Selat close to the the start of the Pura Pasar Agung trek route. About Rp 500,000 per person.

Pondok Wisata Agung is a simple losmen in the village of Selat and they offer guides for the southern ascent from about Rp 400,000. Tel: 62 366 23037.

MG Trekking at Balina Beach in Candidasa specialise in the little used northern ascent from Duku Bujangga Sakti.

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