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Gay Guide > Europe > Serbia > Central Serbia > Belgrade

Belgrade Good to Know for Gays

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If we talk about the Belgrade, we can freely say that the simplest, most popular and definitely the safest way to meet someone, whether due to date, sex or just friendship, is Planetromeo.com.

Planetromeo is a gay-profile service, a gay community well-known worldwide. About 2 years ago they launched also a Serbian language version because of very large number of users, which shows the importance and size of the community in Serbia...

Once you arrive in Belgrade, if you are already a user, change in your profile administration town and country – for example: into Belgrade, Serbia. That way, you will be visible to local users and increase your chances of meeting up with somebody.

Some people say it can get very complicated to make an appointment with somebody for a real meeting, because they are pretty shy or scared but this isn't necessarily true. Belgrade guys are pretty relaxed and ready for an action if arranged so. 

To afford yourself more privacy and fun, we suggest to rent some private accommodation, for example an apartment with private bathroom. That is how you will have more privacy and you could bring somebody to your own place. Host or flat owners are really welcoming and polite. Hotels are also not too expensive.

To put it bluntly, Belgrade or Serbian men are very manly and horny. With the characteristic straight appearance, many people find them very attractive. It is very normal that because of the conservative environment, many will be very careful in public, so respect that and keep that in mind. 

Useful websites, blogs and portals

Web: Gayecho.com
Youtube: youtube.com/user/gayecho

Medonje – Serbian Gay Bear Blog
Web: medonje.blogspot.com, belgradebears.tumblr.com 

Gay Lounge
Web: nshappy.blogspot.com

Web: transserbia.org
Email: transgayten@gmail.com
Organized Gayten-LGBT Belgrade 30th in August 2006. They have begun working on the first and only support for trans people. All interested persons can register and ask for additional information via e-mail.

Gay Serbia
Web: gay-serbia.com

Good to Know for Gays in Belgrade

Gay Organization Gay Straight Alliance
Gay-straight alliance is unique and it was the first time in Serbia in the fight for the rights of LGBT people. The differences in sexuality takes a backseat to the goals they want to achieve - equal rights for all, combating violence and discriminatio... more
in Belgrade

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