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Gay Guide > Europe > Germany > Berlin

Berlin Gay Guide

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Berlin is one of the gay metropolises in Europe and we can say the gayest city in the world. This gay guide is a must if you visit Berlin, specially if you visit Berlin for the first time. You can find here all the most popular places like bars, clubs, restaurants and shops divided into popular areas (blocks) as well as the most amazing clubs with special atmosphere and restricted rules and dress-codes. We list in this guide only the most popular gay spots in Berlin you mustn't miss.

It is good to have in mind that in Berlin, to meet someone is very easy and as quick as you recognize someone's wishes and preferences, you get exactly fun you want. So take a look when guys are having any wrist band (usually leather) on their left hand - it means he is active. Bottom is usually the one who has it on the right hand. Colors shows specific type of preferred fetishes.

Berlin is also full of interesting festivals, events and street happenings throughout a year. We also mention the most popular one.

Yes, Berlin also has a gay museum that is interesting to see.

Whether you like cruising and sex places or good restaurants and coffee shops or friendly discotheques or simply you like more sightseeing, Berlin offers all of that. Tremendous gay scene is so huge and different that everyone can find perfect place for himself. Berlin is so gay, enjoy it!

Schöneberg: Gay Central

Schöneberg is maybe the most vibrant and popular of all Berlin's districts. A heart of a gay scene. Some people maybe find it with too hard-core scene, but Schoneberg is located near Ku'dam shopping street and not far away from Brandenburg gate, so has everything for everyone. Schöneberg has nice restaurants, coffe shops and cocktail bars, not just men-only private clubs. The most famous gay streets are Motzstrasse and Fuggerstrasse as in those streets is usually famous street festivals are happening like Gay&lesbian strassenfest or Folsome.

As Schöneberg is a heart of the gay scene in Berlin, you can find many different places for going out depending of you preferences. From posh bars to hard-core gay private clubs. Whatever you want to experience, it's here! We described of each location what can you expect to help you find a proper place to feel good and have fun or relax.

If you plan your stay here, you can find perfect accommodation in Schöneberg, wheter you prefer gay hotel, gay hostel, gay private apartment or even special fetish gay apartment with full equippment :-)

Every day in a week there are special nights in bars and clubs, 2 for 1, happy hours, discounts... That means those places are crowded of cool people. Even if you come here only for a few days, you will experience the best of Berlin's gay scene.

If you are hungry for shopping in general, dont miss Ku'dam street or big shopping store KaDeWe.  

For outdoor activities, jogging, walks or cruising, very interesting is nearby Tiergarten.

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