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Best tips for saving money while in Singapore

helloruby posted this discussion 9 years and 4 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by helloruby

Best tips for saving money while in Singapore

For starters, I think one great way to save money is to have your meals in the ubiquitous coffee shops (that sell food and drinks, not weed) or hawker centres where a meal can cost just SGD$3.20, drink included (I'm thinking $2.50 plate of chicken and 70c cup of coffee). Local desserts often don't go higher than $2 also.

Does anyone else have other tips to share?
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Posted on
by Shazana

This depends where the coffee shops are at. Perhaps going to the ones at heartland places like Bedok or Yishun are much cheaper than the 'kopitiam' at Bencoolen (next to SMU).
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Posted on
by inthelakehouse

hmmm.. i think another way to save money is to not buy things from 24 hour convenience stores unless you really need something, like that bottle of water, since such stores hike up their prices by up to 100%. a bottle of water that costs 60c in the supermarket will cost $1.20 to $1.60 in stores like 7-11. the prices may not be much compared to other buys like clothes and gadgets but the little amounts add up!

Supermakets are in most malls and singapore's favourite past time is shopping so stock up on your snacks there and fill your own bottle with tap water as singapore's tap water is safe to drink anyway!
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