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The barn at the Byron Herbert Reese Farm and Heritage Center   <img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Byron Herbert Reece Farm & Heritage Center

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As change came slowly to the mountains a tragic and talented figure arose. Byron Herbert Reece was born September 14, 1917, in Union County. The cabin at the base of Blood Mountain in which Hub, as he was called, was born is long gone. Today you will find Lake Trahlyta, a man-made lake built with the coming of the Tennessee Valley Authority–and electricity–in the early 1940s that swallowed the old homestaed. But Reese left behind some of the most beautiful and haunting poetry of the 20th century. And at the Young Harris College Campus, where Reece taught, just past the Union/Towns County line perhaps something of his spirit still remains.

Torn between the past and the present, Hub Reece struggled to maintain the family farm, write four volumes of poetry and two novels, and deal with deadly tuberculoses that struck his entire family. Although he never graduated from college, he was hired at Young Harris as a professor. He commuted back and forth between the college dorm where he lived and the family farm he continued to work despite his own disintegrating health. Disillusioned with the changes coming to his beloved mountains and ravaged by his fatal disease, ‘Hub” finished grading his students' final papers, put a Mozart record on his player and fatally shot himself through his diseased lung with a 32 caliber pistol. It was on June 3, 1958, just a few months before his 41st birthday. Hub's story, along with the saga of the mountain peoples' collision with the modern world, is kept alive with the help of the Byron Herbert Reese Society and lots of local labor at the Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center.

Type of place: Museum
Location: Blairsville, GA, USA
Street address: U.S. 129 just north of Vogel State Park
Opening hours: Will be open shortly
Telephone: 17063793219
Email: info@byronherbertreecesociety.org

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