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Stung Treng Getting in & out

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By boat

Fast boats used to be the best way to get here, but Chinese money has made the roads a joy (at least compared to their old state!).

Regular boat services north and south no longer run, though small speedboats can be chartered for trips to non-standard destinations.

By road

National Highway 7 from the Laos-Cambodian border to Kratie via Stung Treng is fully sealed now. So it`s not a problem any more to do the trip by bus/ minbus in either direction. Every guesthouse will sell you a ticket. Keep in mind that it can be quiet difficult to get public transport directly at the border, so it`s worth considering buying a ticket to your "final" destination. The minibus to the border takes about 1½h, while it`s a 4-5h drive to Kratie (much more in the rainy season). Minibus drivers have been known to abandon their passengers at the border crossing at Dom Kralor.

The daily bus from Phnom Penh to Laos passes the town in the afternoon and is the safest option to get to Laos.

Trucking from Kratie is also an option, and will set you back 20-25,000 riel for riding in the back of the truck, and 25-30,000 riel if you wish to ride in the cabin. As discussed on the Kratie page, trucking is somewhat less safe than other modes of transport, and can take much longer. However, trucking in Cambodia puts you in much greater direct contact with the locals (as it's locals you'll be sharing a truck with most of the time), and isn't that one of the purposes of travelling?



  • Buses to Phnom Penh usually leave at 7AM. The exact departing place depends on the bus company but is somewhere in the town centre. You can normally get off in any place on the route. A ticket costs 10$ to 15$ Phnom Penh, 3$ to Kratie (2.5h).
  • There are no longer any flights from Stung Treng
  • You can catch a truck from here to Banlung, which will cost you 15,000 riel in the back of the truck and 25,000 riel in the cabin. From Stung Treng to Kratie, you'll be down 20-25,000 riel in the back, 25-30,000 in the cabin.

Border Crossing to Lao

Stung Treng is the last outpost before the Lao border. The crossing sees few visitors for the time being despite the 87 km of excellent road all the way up to the border.

There is no scheduled means of (public) transport to the border and even if you have a motorbike driver or a fast boat taking you there, you may have to walk on the Lao side to the village of Voeng Kham to find some form of transport (about 4 km from the border). Travellers on the public bus from Phnom Penh are collected at the border though.

From Febuary 2010 Lao Visa is available on arrival. How much depends on what passport you are having, but most where about 30 or 35 dollars. And bring some small domination dollars to pay the "processing" fee of 1$ to 2$ on each side of the border.

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