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Travel Guide > Asia > Cambodia > Virachey National Park

Virachey National Park Hotels & Sleeping

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As with Lodging (below) there is no accommodation within the park. Trekkers will be spending the night(s) in hammocks. Most travelers will spend two nights in Ban Lung before beginning their trek in Virachey, as Ratanakiri is a fairly far-flung destination and most don't arrive until the afternoon; the 2nd day is often spent swimming in Yeak Leom Lake and picking up some camping supplies. Some excellent sleeping choices in Ban Lung are: Tree Tops Ecolodge Terres Rouges and Tribal Guesthouse .


There is no accommodation (yet) within the park boundaries, so all overnight treks will involve camping in a hammock beside a campfire crackling with astonishingly good jungle food.


Any overnight trek will involve camping, and as part of your park entry fee you will be provided with an imitation US Army hammock, which your guides will kindly string up for you each night. Please be advised that you will be expected to carry your own hammock, which is light but spacious (even when folded), so leave some room in your backpack. Also leave some room (if you plan to trek to Veal Thom) for extra food, as supplies will be split between trekkers, the national park ranger, and the indigenous guide.


Unlike in Western Cambodia Virachey is free of landmines, and a combination of covering up with a good dose of mosquito repellent should keep disease-carrying mozzies away. Venomous snakes do live in the park, but most are nocturnal and trekkers are highly unlikely to encounter one. Likewise, the 4 or 5 tigers that are thought to roam the park would be extremely weary of humans and as such are not considered a threat.

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