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Can you see if people are searching for your ...

karenpnz posted this discussion 8 years and 3 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by karenpnz

Can you see if people are searching for your potential iphone app before you write it?

I am not very familiar with iphone apps - is there any way to see what people are searching for (ie. like the google keyword tool) so I can ascertain if there is much demand my iphone app before I spend the time writing it?
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Posted on
by Daniel

Hi Karen,

I am not aware of such a tool for the App Store. You may try an adaptation of the "AdWords" trick. This trick is widely used to get more accurate web search volumes than the Google Keyword Tools provides: Purchase some Google Adword ads, and let them run ONLY on iPhones (Google AdWords now offers such a device-filtering option). Based on your ad's impressions, you can then estimate how often people search for these terms using their iPhone web browser. That's not the same as searching for the term in the App Store, but it may give you an indication.

In general, people tend to use their iPhone on the go, and apps that fulfill such a need should receive a higher traffic/download rate. The web is more often used to do research while still at home. When you publish with us, you can choose to create apps, Kindle eBooks and websites, which should enable you to reach your audience in all stages of the trip and its planning process.

Hope that helps a little.

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