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Gay Guide > Europe > Croatia

Croatia Gay Guide

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When identifying destinations, areas, bars or so, as being “gay friendly”, the majority of our respondents described them as being “property which is open to actively welcoming gay and lesbian vacationers and extending the same service levels, courtesies and professionalism as they extend to all other visitors”. We have taken this concern to heart while making this guide. Before promoting any of our properties as gay friendly. Being a gay friendly property in Croatia makes that Croatia a Friendly destination.

General Gay Info

Tolerance of gay people is growing in Zagreb. There exists a solid gay scene in capital and smaller in other cities, which is growing rapidly, as well as a number of strong lesbian and LGBTIQ activist groups. There are few gay clubs in Zagreb and men-only sex clubs which are the only of that kind in the region, there is regular gay/queer special parties and events in Rijeka and Zagreb, and three gay saunas in Croatia. The situation is developing rapidly in each new year and we could freely say that Zagreb and specially Rab island are representing one of the most tolerant gay scene in Balkan countries.

Croatia as a nudist paradise

Croatian coast is one of the most desirable naturist destination in Europe. Naked sunbathers are welcomed since the beginning of the last century (first was opened back in 1934 on Rab island) when naturists were allowed only on a few especially designated areas. Today (there are about 30 nudist villages and campsites), except on official nudist beaches marked as “FKK”, nudity is often tolerated on many other so called “wild beaches”. 

It is estimated that about 15% of all tourists that come to Croatia swim and sunbathe without a swimming suite and 1/5 of tourists mostly come and return to Croatia because of Croatian tolerance toward naturism. Many don’t consider themselves as naturists but still enjoy skinny dipping in one of many hidden coves.










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