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Finland Climate & When to go

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And if you'd like to try your hand at something uniquely Finnish, don't miss the plethora of bizarre sports contests in the summer.


Finland hosts many music festivals (festari) during the summer.

Most of the festivals last 2-4 days and are very well organized, with many different bands playing, with eg. Foo Fighters and Linkin Park headlining at Provinssi 2008. The normal full ticket (all days) price is about €60-100, which includes a camp site where you can sleep, eat and meet other festival guests. The atmosphere at festivals is great and probably you'll find new friends there. Of course drinking a lot of beer is a part of the experience.

Festivals in Finland

Music Festival Air Guitar World Championships
August, Oulu.
in Finland
Event Mobile Phone Throwing Championship
August, Savonlinna. Recycle your Nokia!
in Finland
Event Swamp Soccer World Championship
July, Hyrynsalmi. Probably the messiest sporting event in the world.
in Finland
Event Wife Carrying World Championship
July, Sonkajärvi. The grand prize is the wife's weight in beer.
in Finland
Music Festival Provinssirock
rock, Seinäjoki, mid-June
in Finland
Music Festival Nummirock
heavy metal, Nummijärvi (near Kauhajoki), late June (Midsummer)
in Finland
Music Festival RMJ
pop/disco music, Pori, late June (Midsummer)
in Finland
Music Festival Tuska Open Air
heavy metal, Helsinki, late June
in Finland
Music Festival Sauna Open Air
heavy metal, Tampere, early June
in Finland
Music Festival Ruisrock
rock, Turku, July
in Finland
These are just 10 of 16 Festivals in Finland. Show more.

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