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General feedback

dartm00r posted this discussion 8 years ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by dartm00r

General feedback

Just wanted to get some general feedback on my Washington State guide which is slowly creeeeking towards completion. Any comments/criticism would be welcome!
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Posted on
by Penguin

Hi there, went to have a look. The link is http://www.guidegecko.com/washington/travel-guide/p,123684. Just so that it is easier for others to get to it quickly so make it more likely that they will provide feedback.

As far as my comments go, the writing is sound. Easy to read and understand. It flows nicely and is interesting.
On the downside, wouldn't it be better to add individual listings with map references. That way readers can see on the map where the particular place is. So on the main page the first introduction would be left as it. Then Seattle would get its own listing and each place mentioned to visit in Seattle such as Pike Place Fish company would have its own listing with a map reference showing exactly where it is located within Seattle. You don't really need to write more just cut what you have written on the main page and move it to a listing. As a listing though you will need extra information such as operating hours, address, email address etc. All very useful for end users.

Sorry it took me so long to reply to your discussion. Been away in UK and dealing with a sick family. Hope you get more feedback from others.
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