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Travel Guide > Asia > India > Gokarna Town

Gokarna Town Travel Guide

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Unchanged paths lined with rows of wooden houses, magnificent temples and gorgeous beaches, what’s not to love about Gokarna? It has a perfect mix of everything that is truly Indian coupled with touristy bits. Amidst traditional ways lies a harmonious blend of backpacking hippies and newbie’s.

Gokarna that translates into cow's ear in Sanskrit is derived from a mythological story, in which Lord Shiva emerges from the ear of a cow. Another reason for why it’s called so is because it rests at the confluence of two rivers that form a landmass in the shape of a cow's ear. This tiny coastal town draws in a fair number of tourists as well as countless pilgrims; as it houses the temple of the divine lingam (phallic representation of Shiva), which is extremely revered.

Colorful attire of visiting pilgrims, wandering cows and ancient temples, the town is magical in a strange, yet loveable way. It's not all about temples, the beaches are equally beautiful with five to choose from. In spite of being an extremely religious town, the people are quite tolerant of tourists and are exceptionally welcoming.

From backpacking to high-end indulgences it caters to everyone and unlike its neighbor Goa, it’s much cheaper and pleasantly quiet apart from December and January and during the festival of Shivratri, which takes place anywhere from mid-Feb. to mid-March.

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