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 Guide Writing Ideas

GuideGecko Writing Contest > Writing Ideas


Guide Writing Ideas


The GuideGecko Writing Contest contest is open to all travel, lifestyle and entertainment guides. That includes food guides, shopping guides, sightseeing guides, hiking guides, and many more. Here are a few examples. Feel free to add your ideas below. Or, better: Write a guide yourself, join the contest and win a trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair to present your title to hundreds of thousands of readers, journalists and publishers!



Food and Dining Guides


Is there a restaurant, stall or eatery that you have been going to since you were young? Or a new place round the corner that serves food that tastes so good? If your literary talent is (almost) as rich as your sense for your local hometown cuisine, write all about these sumptuous and authentic dishes now!


Food and Dining


Here are a few more ideas to get you going:


  • Eat Like a Local in...
  • The Best Beergarden Food in Germany
  • Eating Out in New York City for less than 10 USD
  • The Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore
  • Melbourne's Cafes for Locals and Wannabe's
  • Crazy Food and Where to Try it
  • and many more...


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Travel Guides


Your guides can be destination specific (Sightseeing in Sydney), topic specific (Hiking with Kids), or general (Ten Places to Go Before They Are Gone). If you've always wondered why no one has ever written a guide about a certain topic or destination, then this is your chance! Topics can span from anything and everything under the sun, as long as they are travel, lifestyle or entertainment related. And yes, you can also upload a 'simple' sightseeing guide  - why not, if it's good?




Here are a few ideas for travel guides to ignite your brain cells:


  • Hiking with Kids
  • See Chicago Like a Local
  • My soon to be famous hometown and it's two and a half attractions
  • Bangkok by Bicycle
  • Angkor Wat for Travelers with Disabilities
  • Phuket's Best Beaches
  • My Personal Tourist Trap Guide
  • Sydney for 20 USD a Day (and Night!)
  • London for Business Travelers - Walks and Tours for After Work
  • Off the Beaten Track: Poland's Bialowieski National Park
  • Authentic Villages in Tuscany
  • and many more...


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Entertainment and Nightlife Guides


Entertainment and nightlife are unique in every country. Be it about the best parties with the coolest DJs, rock gigs or any other entertainment hotspots, your fellow party goers definitely want to hear from you. And if you're the type that enjoys the tranquil nature of the night, share some of the best romantic and leisure spots with your audience!


Entertainment and Nightlife


Here are a some more ideas to inspire your thoughts:


  • Dance with the Locals in Detroit
  • Pub-Crawling through Budapest
  • Sunsets and Cozy Bars in Sydney
  • Evening Walks in Cairo
  • The Best Beach Parties in the World
  • Techno is Dead? The Best Clubs in Berlin
  • Where to learn Tango in Buenos Aires
  • Top 10 Parties to Dance On Before You Die
  • Rock on: The Festival Guide
  • Bia Hoi: The Best Beers in Hanoi and where to get them
  • Where to party in Prague - without being ripped off
  • and many more...


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Lifestyle Guides


Lifestyle can be anything that you (and, hopefully, your readers as well) enjoy to do. From shopping to chilling, from cinemas to art galleries. Let your ideas fly, and we might see you in Frankfurt!




Looking for more ideas? How about these:


  • Musem Guides
  • Shopping Guides
  • Best places to sit and relax
  • Where to buy art
  • Cinema guides - the widest screens, the loudest sound systems
  • The most relaxing spas and massage parlours
  • and many more...


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More Guide Writing Ideas

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