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Mangrove Kayak Tour - Puka Puka

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There are several tour companies offering Kayak Tours of the Gesashi Bay Mangrove Forest.  All have friendly staff and similar tours and prices.  Unfortunately, all of the guides speak only Japanese.

Eco Tour Puka Puka offer several different tours including a Trekking Course, a Cycling and Mangrove Course and the Mangrove Kayak Tour. 

The tour lasts for 3 hours and starts with an orientation and paddling lecture all given in Japanese.  It is easy to follow the demonstration though and once you are in the water it is easy to pick up.  Fortunately, the water in the Gesashi River is very smooth with no current, ideal for beginners.

Once everybody is in their respective Kayaks and the tour guide is happy that all are confident the tour heads up river into the mangrove area.  It is very peaceful and you will have plenty of time to look at the various trees and animals found in the area.  The tour guide will give a lot of information about mangroves but again it is all in Japanese.

It is stall a worthwhile tour and great for the whole family.  Children as you ng as 3 are welcome to join although 3 – 5 year olds don’t get a paddle.


From Ginoza Expressway Exit turn left onto Route 329. At Futami turn left onto Route 331. Travel up Route 331 past Arume.  (Route 14 turns off Route 331 in Arume) The next built up area is called Gesashi.  Eco Tour Puka Puka have their meeting place in the  parking lot for the Gesashi Bay Mangrove Forest just over the river on the left hand side.

From Nago Bus Terminal you can also take bus number 73 or 78 to the Gesashi Bus Stop.  There are only about 3 buses a day and it will take about 1 hr 40 mins.

Type: Sport (Other)
Budget level: Mid Range
Costs: ¥6000, ¥4000 for children
Location: Higashi, Okinawa, Japan
Street address: 758-23 Gesashi
Nearest public transport: Gesashi Bus Stop
Opening hours: 7am-4pm Daily
Telephone: +81980512155, +818017916566
Email: yanbaru@eco-pukapuka.com

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