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How far is too far?

kenasosa posted this discussion 8 years and 4 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by kenasosa

How far is too far?

When you are writing a guide on a specific city or town, how far outside of that town can you go for attractions to include?
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Posted on
by StCoCr

If it makes for a worthwhile and comfortable (e.g. not rushed, not too much travel time compared to fun time) daytrip, then include it, I say.
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Posted on
by Daniel

Hi Kena,

We do not impose restrictions on that.

From an editorial point of view, it is also hard to find a general guideline. How about this: If the place is typically visited as a day trip from your main location, then include it.

From a technical point of view: If you include spots in different areas and want them all to be included on the map, the app's download size will increase because the map will need to be bigger. However, even that is not a big problem, as we can limit the map to the hotspot areas or disregard higher zoom levels. In any way - ALWAYS place the map marker for every listing!

Hope that helps,
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