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Things To Buy In India

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Wood Carvings

India produces a striking variety of carved wood products that can be bought at very low prices. Examples include decorative wooden plates, bowls, artwork, furniture, and miscellaneous items that will surprise you. Check the regulations of your home country before attempting to import wooden items.


It depends on the state/region you are visiting. Most of the states have their speciality to offer. For example go for silk sarees if you are visiting Benaras; Block prints if you are in Jaipur


Paintings come on a wide variety of media, such as cotton, silk, or with frame included. Gemstone paintings incorporate semi-precious stone dust, so they have a glittering appearance to them.

Marble and Stone Carvings

Common carved items include elephants, Hindu gods/goddesses, etc.


Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry are very inexpensive in India.

Pillow Covers, Bedsets

Striking and rich designs are common for pillows and bed covers.

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Location: India

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