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Indonesia Travel Guide

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Whether you’re island-hopping or exploring the history-laden city streets, Indonesia will continuously grow to surprise you with its diversity.

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Start off your adventure on the island of Java, and in the capital city Jakarta, where you can partake in everything from lounging about in their (surprisingly) vibrant nightlife, to visiting unique museums like the famed Museum Wayang (“puppet museum”). The city’s oldest remaining church, Gereja Sion, is also well worth a visit.

Your next stop is Yogyakarta: whether you’re touring the temples of the city on foot, or going on day trips to Borobudur and Prambanan to learn more on Hinduism, this city will confront you with its enlightening culture and political backdrop.

Mount Bromo is a must-see for everyone visiting Java; the view from the hilltops will take your bre!th away – especially at sunset. Talk to locals about the legend behind it and the Yadnya Kasada ceremony that the volcanic region has seen.

Then, head over to the tremendously popular and well-loved beach island, Bali, for nothing but sun, surf, temples and partying. With so many options for a great beach holiday, you’ll find it easy to want to laze about by the ocean-side for weeks, but try to pull yourself up because the island of Lombok, your next destination, is equally sublime.

Lombok is known for its great surf and kayaking sites, but its prized gem is GunungRinjani – Indonesia’s second highest volcano. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to climb this volcanoe (you can do it on a tour).

The last stop on our itinerary is Flores. Flores is known for the famous Komodo dragons roving freely on nearby Komodo island and for the astonishing tri-coloured crater lakes of Mount Kelimutu.

Th0small city of Labuanbajo will be your point of entry into Flores. From Labuanbajo, you can organize snorkelling and diving trips in the Komodo National Park, which is teeming with marine life. Sighting some Manta Rays in relatively shallow water is a perfect way to end your run through Indonesia.

(This itinerary is based on our Indonesia Backpacker CheatSheet, a visual guide available for free download. We offer Backpacker CheatSheets for many more countries. Also see our Bali Backpacker CheatSheet.)

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