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Integration vs dedicated environment

Else Marie posted this discussion 8 years and 4 months ago Post Reply    

Else Marie
Posted on
by Else Marie

Integration vs dedicated environment

I like the integration option, but I'm not very keen on the idea that others may edit my pages. Is the only way to avoid this to choose a dedicated environment?
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Posted on
by writingprincess

I'm a little leery of people being able to edit my pages as well. But this is a global thing and I cannot begin to believe that I know everything about a place just because I've been there. So hopefully with the pages being open it will drum up interest and help me to sell more guide applications. :)
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Posted on
by Daniel

Hi Else Marie,

Yes, you can lock individual pages in the main environment (Option A, Integration) so that no one but you can edit them. We do that for example to prevent fraud.

However, in general, we prefer to keep the pages open. This allows you to build up a community, and you will soon realize that people tend to update facts (e.g. opening hours, costs, etc.) and correct typos rather than edit your writing.

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