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Jakarta Restaurants & Eating

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Jakarta has a vast range of food available at hundreds of eating complexes located all over the huge city. In addition to selections from all over the country, you can also find excellent Chinese, Japanese, and many other international foods thanks to the cosmopolitan population. Longer-term visitors will wish to dig up a copy of "Jakarta Good Food Guide" (JGFG) or "Jakarta Java Kini".

The JGFG, as its affectionately known to Jakartans, is now in its 3rd edition, with the latest version published in 2009 and covering over 600 restaurants and causal eateries in the city. The JGFG has now also been made into an iPod Touch & iPhone Application, so you can download all 600 reviews and have them in the palm of your hand for whenever you're craving a bite of some good local food.

Local food

You can find Jakartan versions of many dishes, often tagged with the label betawi (Indonesian for "Batavian"):

  • Sop iga sapi beef spare rib soup that takes a simple Dutch dish and piles on Indonesian spices.
  • Soto betawi coconut milk broth with beef tendons, intestines, tripe.
  • Kerak telor omelette from egg cooked with glutinous rice and served with shredded coconut and a dried shrimp topping.
  • Ketoprak rice roll, tofu, bean sprout, crackers in peanut sauce.
  • Bubur Dingin lit. Cold Pouridge with beef sweet soup
  • Nasi Ulam rice cooked in coconut milk served with fried minced beef, sweet fried tempe, many other toppings, cucumber, and sambal (chilli sauce).

Your stomach may need an adjustment period to the local food due to many spices locals used in their cooking. Standard price on this guide: The price for one main course, white rice ("nasi putih") and one soft drink, including 21% tax and service charge.

Restaurants in Jakarta

International Plaza Senayan
in Jakarta
International Plaza Semanggi
(level 3A and 10-Plangi Sky DIning), Taman Anggrek's Dapur Anggrek (level 4), all have good selections.
in Jakarta
International Mal Kelapa Gading
's Food Temptation (level 3) claims to be the largest in Indonesia.
in Jakarta
Indonesian Gading Food City
offering a vast selection of mostly Indonesian outdoor eats with live music.
in Jakarta
International La Piazza
is more upscale.
in Jakarta
International Eat n Eat
in the New Kelapa Gading Mall 5, a new food court with a traditional colonial era Indonesian atmosphere and offers a great mix of Indonesian cuisine and others from the Malay Archipelago.
in Jakarta
International Kemang Food Fest, in Kemang,
the most popular expatriate neighborhood, offers great food for 24 hours/7 days a week. A number of restaurants (both offering eastern and western food) gather in this outdoor establishment.
in Jakarta
International Food Louver
on the level 3 skybridge in the Grand Indonesia foodcourt near Bundaran H.I. offers a great variety of food from around the world, some seats offer a great view of the Jakarta Skyline.
in Jakarta
International Pondok Indah Mall 2's Restaurant Row
in Jakarta
International Mal Kelapa Gading's Gourmet Row
in Jakarta
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