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Mount Merapi Travel Guide

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Warning: Mount Merapi is an active volcano. In late October and throughout November 2010 a series of volcanic eruptions occured at Mount Merapi. In excess of 353 deaths were reported with many injured from severe burns and respiratory damage. In excess of 350,000 people living in the danger zone were evacuated and local authorities struggled under the burden of caring for the injured and displaced. Toward the end of November, with the eruptive activity stabilising and the likelihood of further explosive eruption diminishing many of those displaced by the eruptions began to return to their villages and homes. Previously, during the November eruptions Indonesian authorities declared a 20 kilometre exclusion zone around Mount Merapi. By early December the eruptive activity of Merapi had subsided considerably and on 3 December the warning level was reduced from level 4 to level 3. A reduced exclusion zone radius of 2.5 km was announced at that time. Further volcanic activity in the area including explosive eruptions, lava flows, lahars, hot ash, pyroclastic heat clouds and molten debris remains possible. Mount Merapi (Gunung Merapi, 2911m) is a volcano in Central Java, looming over the cities of Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta).

Literally "Mountain of Fire", Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in all Indonesia — no mean feat — and it has erupted at least 68 times since 1548. The volcano is though to be largely responsible for the downfall of the Hindu Mataram kingdom in 1006 and the desertion of the huge temple complex at nearby Prambanan. Recent eruptions include 1994 (64 killed), 2006 (no immediate deaths, but a prelude to an earthquake that killed over 5000) and 2010 (30 dead).

Anyone thinking of climbing the mountain must first check if it is safe to do so. While climbing the mountain with a qualified guide is recommended it is not necessary or mandatory (locals will tell you otherwise in the interest of a quick buck) as the track to the summit is wide and clearly marked.

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