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Watu Ulo Beach and Papuma Beach

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It is strange that the not very attractive Watu Ulo is the better known of these two nearby beaches. Papuma is by far the nicer of the two and many regard it as the best beach in the whole of East Java. The beach at Watu Ulo is black sand and the large rock from which the beach takes it name (Watu Ulo means Snake Rock in Bahasa Java) juts impressively out of the ocean just offshore. Papuma is pristine white sand, a nicer shape and just altogether a better experience. Both beaches border the western edge of the Meru Betiri National Park and this is a beautifully wild area. It does get crowded at weekends and during school holidays with day trippers from Jember but otherwise it is quiet and an excellent place to get away from it all. Buses run quite regularly from Jember to Watu Ulo or you can arange a car and driver at your hotel. Once at Watu Ulo there is no shortage of ojek and bemo transport to take you over to Papuma or to the even quieter fishing village at Mayangan Beach just to the east.


30 km south of Jember city centre
Type of place: Beach
Location: Jember, Indonesia

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