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Northern Cape Travel Guide

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The Karoo area of the Northern Cape is most commonly an area which visitors drive through as fast as possible.  It is between the most populated area, Gauteng and one of the most popular holiday areas, Cape Town and its surrounds.  As such it plays host to a couple of busy road routes.  Most travellers only know the Karoo as a hot, dry, featureless area.  The Karoo roads are straight and seem to continue without distraction for hundreds of kilometres.  

However, the Karoo is worth spending a little time exploring.  It is true that the climate is not the friendliest with icy winters and sweltering summers but the people are incredibly warm hearted and welcoming.  

The lifestyle in the Karoo area has not changed for hundreds of years and it is ideal for people to find some quiet, to look back at the way life used to be and to reflect on their own lives.  Exploring the Karoo gives visitors some valuable perspective not available in most places in our modern world.

The area is semi desert and although, at first glance it seems to be featureless, for visitors who take time to look more carefully there is some amazing scenery that have a unique rugged beauty.  The wide open landscapes, small hills and stunted brush change character depending on the time of day.  Sunrises and sunsets can be especially spectacular in this area.

This guide deals specifically with the two towns of Carnarvon and Victoria West although there are numerous other towns in the area to explore.  These include Loxton, Colesberg, de Aar and Kuruman.

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