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Travel Guide > Asia > Thailand > Southern > Ko Samui

Ko Samui Nightlife & Entertainment

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There are innumerable options for a drink, ranging from the loud and brash tourist pubs and girlie bars of Chaweng to the candle-lit romantic bars of Bophut. Figure on 80 baht for a local beer (Singha, Tiger, Chang, Heineken) and up to twice as much for any import. Wine is especially expensive and usually costs over 2,000 baht per bottle.

Beer bars

Chaweng Beach is especially famous for its beer bars (also called bar-beers), staffed by pretty hostesses, usually from the north-east of Thailand. Buy them a 'girlie drink' and you'll be in entertaining company.

Beer bars can be found all over Chaweng. The bars offer pool, Connect4 and other popular bar games. Since the nightlife on Chaweng can see serious debauchery at times, the local law enforcers are strict in concern to enforcing closing times.

The official closing time in "entertainment zones" is 1AM (in practice usually somewhere between 1AM and 2PM, depending on the location).


Chaweng Beach is packed out with nightclubs playing the latest rave sounds and serving exotic cocktails. Electronic music is very popular.


At karaoke places customers can either choose a private room or sing in the main lounge for everyone to hear. There are Thai songs and international songs, there may be pretty hostesses available to sit for a pleasant chat. These joints are especially popular with East Asian tourists.

Rum Distillery

There is a distillery that brews 5 flavors of rum on one of the side roads on the South Coast of the island, which offers tours during the sugar cane season and free samples any time. The flavors are natural (sugar cane), lemon, orange, pineapple, and coconut. Natural and coconut are actually quite tasty, lemon has a very strong pleasant citrus flavor, and you won't miss anything if you don't try the other two. They also have a delicious mixer to serve with consisting of lime juice, cinnamon, and other spices. Worth heading to if you're in the area or just for the novelty of sampling authentic Thai rum. Very friendly staff.

Places to Go Out in Ko Samui

Bar Green Mango
. The biggest club to which even a street was named.
in Ko Samui
Bar Mint Bar
. Located in Soi Green Mango. Playing the best trance, house and dubstep with internationally renowned DJ's.
in Ko Samui
Bar Sounds
is another trance music club that stays open until dawn and do not miss the open air BlackMoon Party at Chaweng Lake View, held roughly four times a month.
in Ko Samui
Bar Frog & Gecko
(tel. 077 425 248), next to The Lodge, is a relaxed beachside Anglo-American pub with cold beer and great BLTs. Musically stuck in the 70s, but packed on Wednesdays for their quiz night.
in Bophut
Bar The Pub
is on the main road, beach side, between the Frog & Gecko and The Beatles bar, a little closer to the Beatles. A nice place to grab a pint and watch some football or cricket unless there is Rugby being shown as that takes precedence here! A good place to fin... more
in Bophut
Bar Billabong
is close to The Pub, on the beach side on they way to Frog & Gecko, this is an Australian pub, also a nice place to watch football or cricket. Good food, but not for vegetarians.
in Bophut
Bar Beatles Bar
On the main drag, close to the pier. An old teak shophouse, tastefully and comfortably renovated. Music as you would expect from the name, plus some cool jazz, cocktails quite cheap plus good snack food. Staff charming and very friendly.
in Bophut
Bar Ark Bar Beach Club
The famous Ark Bar Beach Club in the heart of Chaweng Beach. Every wednesday Beach Party from 2pm till late with free Barbeque @ 4pm and live DJ's
in Chaweng
Bar Bar Asia
Nice staff and owner, with a nice crowd. Tuesday pool competition brings a large and fun crowd.
in Chaweng
Bar Bar Solo
Large mainly outdoor club that opens 2AM till sunrise, has 2 dance floors and about 6 pool tables.
in Chaweng
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