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Krâchéh Sports & Activities

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Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching

The best spot to watch the dolphins is Kampi village, 15km north from Kratie. , is a very popular activity, but a growing number of tourists are skipping it, because of the increasing cost. As there are less than about 80 dolphins left, you may only see them from a distance, though there are sometimes large groups of them frolicking. The best times for viewing is late afternoon, rainfall permitting. To protect the dolphins, you should ensure that your boatmen follows the dolphin watching guidelines provided and only use oars when near the dolphins. There's also a nice little shop which does benefit the community and helps encourage the villagers conserve the remaining dolphins.

Bird Watching

  If you are interested in birds, when on the boat, go upstream to the islands to look for the '''Mekong Wagtail''' (Motacilla samveasnae), a Cambodian endemic species that can be found in this stretch of the river. Early morning might find them hopping on rocks near the dolphin area.

Community Development Tours

  CRDT is a local organisation which works with communities along the river and runs Community Development Tours to their projects. This gives your a unique experience of Cambodian village life, and the chance to help out with their integrated development and dolphin conservation project.


Basketball and Volleyball


There's a basketball and volleyball area on the south side of the old Governor's residence. The security guards probably won't refuse a civil request to use it within reasonable hours, and they might even join in.

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