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Krâchéh Getting in & out

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By road

From Kampong Cham (to the south) the road is currently in good repair. From Stung Treng (to the north) the road is good and has been sealed; if headed into Laos, visas on arrival are now obtainable at the Lao border.

The bus/truck station is in the northwest part of the town.

Buses to/from Stung Treng take about 3 hours. As with all forms of transport in Cambodia, get your bus ticket early, and show up even earlier to ensure you get the best seat, as buses will fill up fast as soon as they let people board. With the improving road conditions, bus services have improved and there are now a number of options between Stung Treng and Phnom Penh.

There are daily buses from Siem Reap to Kratie. They leave at 7.00am and cost $10. You will have to switch buses half way through this journey at Skuon or Suong.

Trucks go to various neighbouring towns and provinces but you have to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this form of transport carefully. They are less safe and often slower than buses, as well as being more expensive. The one (potentially) overriding positive is that riding in a truck you get the chance to have a much closer connection with local Khmers than if you were riding in a tourist bus, particularly as you'd be surprised how many Khmers in the provincial capitals are somewhat proficient in English. Expect to wait a couple of hours for the truck to fill up, assuming you're the first one there.

  • to/from Kampong Cham: 10,000 riel in the back, 15,000 riel in the cabin, 8-10 hours

  • to/from Stung Treng: 20-25,000 riel in the back, 25-30,000 in the cabin, 10-12 hours

  • to/from Ratanakiri: US$12 in the back or in the cabin, 12 hours

By boat

With the improvement of the roads, ferry services along the Mekong River from Kampong Cham no longer run. If you are feeling adventurous, you might find a rice-barge on its way north from Kampong Cham.


  • Banlung This town is located beside spectacular natural attractions, including waterfalls, volcanic lakes and natural parks, and has hill tribe villages.

  • Chlong A small town, about 30km from Kratie.

  • Kampong Cham the third largest city in Cambodia, full of colonial charm.

  • Stung Treng The town most tourists pass through on the way to Laos.

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