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Travel Guide > Asia > Cambodia > Krâchéh

Krâchéh Restaurants & Eating

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Aside from the usual assortment of food and drink stalls in town, there's a few different restaurants for you to eat at.

The two backpacker staples are the Red Sun Falling, on the waterfront opposite the port building, and the Star Restaurant on the corner near the market. Both have good food and drinks, and the ex-pat touch. Prices are reasonable, but not as cheap as the nearby Khmer food. Service can be slow - but what's the hurry? The Red Sun Falling also has a good selection of books for sale, which you can browse while you wait - but watch out as the owner can be very rude.

Restaurants in Krâchéh

Cambodian (Khmer) Heng Heng Restaurant
serves tasty Khmer food at reasonable speed and price per dish US$1-2.50. Khmer breakfast also OK with a western option of omelette and bread for US$1.
in Krâchéh
Cambodian (Khmer) Mekong Restaurant
has typical Khmer food including staples such as of fried rice, grilled chicken, and rather tasty french fries. Dishes go for US$1-2. Currently (2006) seems less popular.
in Krâchéh
International Balcony GH & Restaurant
has a restaurant/bar with a standard menu of Khmer and Western food US$1-3.00 and slightly more expensive daily specials. Lots of veg food, including marinated tofu burgers. Advertises as having the cheapest, coldest beer (from USD$0.75) and pastis is only US$0.75.
in Krâchéh
International You Hong Restaurant
is attached to the guesthouse of the same name (next to the market) and has an impressive menu, and can cook some of it fairly well. They also have an Internet connection, which is slow, but usually working.
in Krâchéh

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