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Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur.  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
Travel Guide > Asia > Malaysia > Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Sights & Attractions

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Kuala Lumpur was made for wandering. Big noisy roads trail off into quieter lanes and alleys, walking through which you might, unexpectedly, stumble upon a sight you had no intention of seeking out but is so much more pleasant for it. That's KL - it likes to surprise. And if you wander around enough, you are bound to stumble across a few of these gems.

  1. Central Market. Along Jalan Hang Kasturi is the renowned centre of arts and handicrafts in a late 19th century building currently protected by the Malaysian Heritage Board.
  2. Dayabumi Complex. This whitewashed building is a modern reinterpretation of archaic Islamic motifs - and is a beautiful architectural landmark. You can spot this from Central Market.
  3. KTM Headquarters, Masjid Jamek, Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. All three were designed by one Arthur Benison Hubback, responsible for some of the most recognizable Mughal-inspired buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Look out for the slender minarets, intricate embellishments and onion domes.
  4.  Lake Gardens. The lungs of Kuala Lumpur sit right smack in the middle of a bustling city and are KL's oldest and most popular park. They are also home to KL Bird Park and some beautifully landscaped gardens.
  5. Islamic Arts Museum. The largest dedication to Islamic arts in all of Southeast Asia, the building houses spectacular artefacts amounting to more than 7,000, including an 8th century copy of the Qur'an.
  6. Petronas Twin Towers. Of course, the symbol that identifies Kuala Lumpur and once the tallest building in the world. The best way to enjoy it is from the Skybridge, which connects the two towers at the 41st and 42nd floors.
  7. KLCC. There are a bunch of attractions to check out in Kuala Lumpur City Centre - art galleries, science centres and a lake that breaks into a water ballet every afternoon.
  8.  National Mosque. One of the largest mosques in Asia is also one of the most modern in design. You're likely to see this on your way to the Lake Gardens.
  9. Petaling Street. The darling of Chinatown, famous for its pirates, this is an open-air street market that looks much better at night than during the day. If you're looking for a Gucci or Chanel knock-off, there's no better place to get it.
  10. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. A colourful and incredibly beautiful Indian temple, it is also the oldest in KL. You will find yourself staring at the magnificent gopurum for a long time.

272 steps lead up to the Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur.  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>

And if you wander further afield, you will find these:

Titiwangsa Lake. Surprisingly under-visited but all the better for that, Titiwangsa is a ten minutes' train ride from KL Sentral, and then a short walk to a lake that offers a lovely view of KL city's skyline. Perfect for a picnic.

Batu Caves. 400-million-year-old limestone caves dedicated to Lord Murugan and probably the most well-known and beloved shrine of the Hindus in Malaysia. Visiting the caves is a very humbling experiece.

Zoo Negara. The national zoo is managed by an NGO, whose accomplishments include the natural breeding of the highly endangered Milky Stork.

Putrajaya. A 30-minute train ride from Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's administrative capital - an architectural explosion, and probably the only place we recommend to visit on weekends and public holidays because the streets will be devoid of people and office workers, and perfect for walking. Check out the beautiful Putra Mosque, the sci-fi Wawasan Bridge and Malaysian Prime Minister's office. Boulevards, lakes, beautiful long bridges with splendid views make Putrajaya one of the most photogenic places in Malaysia.

Things to See in Kuala Lumpur

Monument/Building Dayabumi Complex
A towering skyscraper that blends Moorish, Byzantine and Arabic motifs with clean and simple modern lines, the Dayabumi Complex is an impressive feat of architectural imagination and one of the most incredible sights to be... more
 1 Fans, in Kuala Lumpur
Street Petaling Street
What can be said about Petaling Street that hasn't been said before? Don't expect bling or glam here; this street is in a completely different league from other shopping destinations such as Suria KLCC or Bukit Bintang Pla... more
 1 Fans, in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building KTM Headquarters
The KTM Headquarters, across the road from the magestic Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, is one of the most extravagant and breath-taking examples of Mughal architecture in Malaysia. Before architect Arthur Benison Hubback tr... more
 1 Fans, in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Towers were unveiled as the world's tallest building at 1,483 ft on August 31, 1999 and occupied that numero uno spot for half a decade until Taipei 101 (1,667 ft) overtook them in 2004. Built on a prime ... more
 1 Fans, in Kuala Lumpur
Nature/Wildlife Batu Caves
The limestone Batu Caves were discovered in 1892, which was about the time when the Hindu temple was built atop 272 intimidating steps. Dedicated to Lord Murugan, of whom there is a resplendent 47-metre golden statue at th... more
 1 Fans, in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building Central Market
Central Market is a collection of handicraft and souvenir shops and art galleries protected by the Malaysian Heritage Society. Once an open wet market, the current permanent structure was built in 1930 to house all its ven... more
in Kuala Lumpur
Gallery The Annexe Gallery
The Annex Gallery is located in an adjoining building beside Central Market, and aims to provide local and international artists with a contemporary art space to practice their craft and showcase their work. The gallery is... more
in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building Eng Choon Hoey Kuan Building
The whitewashed Eng Choon Hoey Kuan building is one of the most prominent and arresting sights along Jalan Ampang. The building was built in 1930 and is one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture in Kuala Lumpur.
in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building Coliseum Theatre
Pagawam Coliseum, or Coliseum Theatre, was build back in 1920 in an Art Deco style that might remind some visitors of New York in the early 1900s. In addition to being an architectural heritage, it is also one of the very ... more
in Kuala Lumpur
Monument/Building Masjid India
Built and financed by Indian Muslim merchants in 1862, Masjid India is one of the oldest mosques in Kuala Lumpur and a major landmark for both the secular and devout. From ground level, it could easily pass as a red granit... more
in Kuala Lumpur
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