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Travel Guide > Asia > Japan > Okinawa > Kunigami

Kunigami Sights & Attractions

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The most popular in Kunigami, is Hedo Misaki, the most northern point of Okinawa.  There are also numerous viewing points with views of the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern coast and of the East China Sea on the Western coast.  One attraction visitors shouldn't miss is a trip to Dai Sekirinzan, a park featuring amazing rock formations.

Further south, Hiji Falls is worth a visit for those visitors who would like to see some of Okinawa's natural environment.

Things to See in Kunigami

Waterfall Hiji Falls
Hiji Falls allows visitors the opportunity to see Okinawa's natural habitat.  So much of Okinawa is built up that sometimes it is easy to forget that it is a semi tropical rain forest environment.  The hike to Hi... more
 1 Fans, Adult ¥500, Children ¥300, in Kunigami
Park Dai Sekirinzan
Dai Sekirinzan is a natural area made up of strangely shaped rocks formed over millions of years.  The area is a geological formation known as Karst.  Soft limestone rocks being worn down by water and wind, form ... more
 1 Fans, ¥800, Children ¥500, in Kunigami
Viewpoint Hedo Misaki
Hedo Misaki or Cape Hedo as it is known in English is the northern most point of Okinawa.  The area is wild and pristine with amazing views of the East China Sea on the left and the Pacific Ocean on the right.  &... more
Free, in Kunigami
Viewpoint Yanbaru Kuina Lookout
Just to the East of Hedo Misaki is a large viewpoint known as the Yanbaru Kuina Lookout.  The turnoff is just off the road leading to Hedo Misaki.  Be sure to keep to the left fork of the small road which winds u... more
Free, in Kunigami

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