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Laos Sports & Activities

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Trekking in mountainous northern Laos is quite popular. The main hub for this is Luang Namtha. New trekking hubs include Oudomxay, just south of Luang Namtha and Pakse in southern Laos.


One Laotian experience definitely worth trying is the herbal sauna. Often (but not always) run by temples, these are simple-looking affairs, often just a rickety bamboo shack with a stove and a pipe of water on one side, usually open only in the evenings. The procedure for a visit usually goes like this:

  1. Enter and pay first. The going rate is around 10,000 kip, plus around the same if you want a massage afterward.
  2. Head for the changing room, take off your clothes and wrap yourself up in a sarong (usually provided).
  3. Keeping yourself modestly sarong-clad, head over to the shower or water bucket in one corner and wash up.
  4. Plunge into the sauna room itself. It will be dark, hot and steamy inside, with intense herbal scents of lemongrass and whatever the sauna master is cooking up that day, and you will soon start to sweat profusely.
  5. When you've had your fill, head outside, sip on a little weak tea and marvel at how the tropical heat of the day now feels cool and refreshing.
  6. Repeat at will.

Countryside in Laos - after 2 days of trekking.  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>

Places for Sports & Activities in Laos

Hiking Luang Namtha Tourism Department
(Eco-Guide Service), located behind the night market. Offers up to four days trekking for an average of US$16 per day. Groups can be from 4-8 people and the cost per person drops the more participants there are. Other activities offered include kayaking.
in Luang Nam Tha
Sport (Other) Green Discovery
offers up to three days trekking trips, the price is a bit more expensive than in the tourist office. They also offer kayaking and other activities.
in Luang Nam Tha
Tennis Savannakhet Tennis Club
(on Khantabuli Road) While the tennis clubhouse may look it needs upgrading, the three courts are in good condition. Court fee is 20,000 kip. Bring your own racquets.
in Savannakhet
Sport (Other) Eco-tourism treks
advertised in most guesthouses are fantastic. Homestays, forest food, school visits, local guides, etc... Highly recommended.
in Savannakhet
Spa/Wellness Lao Massage
for just 35,000 kip (one hour) at Dokchampa Khao on the main street. The best in town. A clean, discreet and welcome place run by a woman who speaks English fluently. Excellent after a trek.
in Savannakhet
Spa/Wellness Lao Red Cross
— A traditional Lao sauna and massage, very popular with locals in the afternoon. Th Wisunarat, in front of Wat Wisunalat. 1 hour massage 40,000 kip, sauna 10,000 kip.
in Luang Prabang
Adventure Sport Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures
People who love activities and treks may find some interesting interactive tours which are designed to support villages outside of Luang Prabang which is probably the only community based tourism initiative that really brings money into the funds. More info on t... more
in Luang Prabang
Sport (Other) Vieng Phoukha ecoguide Service
located on Rte 3 in the villlage center ( you can't miss it )
in Vieng Phoukha
Hiking Tourism information and trekking guide service center
– located 300 m' from rte 3
in Vieng Phoukha
Adventure Sport Tubing
Look at the magnificent view of the mountains rising directly beside the river. Many beer and other pit stops along the way. Also, try the diving stop and the swing. Some dry bags may not be of the best quality, often digital cameras get ruined by faulty dry ba... more
in Vang Vieng
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