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Travel Guide > Asia > Burma/Myanmar > Mandalay > Mandalay

Mandalay Sights & Attractions

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Mandalay has many sightseeing attractions.

Besides these, not be missed is a show by the famous Moustache Brothers. A comedy trio who have served a total of 12 years in prison for their political (anti-government) performances and jokes. They are not only allowed to perform from their home, for tourists. They perform every night, cost 8000 kyat, which goes towards helping political prisoners. Bicycle rickshaw drivers will undoubtedly approach you to strike a return pedal deal.

Zegyo Market (Burmese: zei-gyo) is a collection of bazaar street markets located near the city centre.

Things to See in Mandalay

Monument/Building Maha Myat Muni Paya
(Burmese: ma-ha myah mu-ni pei-ya) is Myanmar's second holiest pilgrimage site. It is a 4-metre high Buddha statue, made of gold and decorated with precious jewels. The image was brought from Rakhine State, southeast of Mandalay.
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Monument/Building Kuthodaw Paya
(Burmese: ku-tho-dau pei-ya) is site of the world's largest book, located at the foot of Mandalay Hill. Built by King Mingdon in the 1800s, 729 white stupas within the complex contain the complete text of the Tripitaka... more
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Monument/Building Shwenandaw Monastery
Shwenandaw is a monastery made entire out of teak wood with beautiful intricate carvings. It was originally part of the royal palace built by King Mingdon and moved to its current location by his son, King Thibaw in the la... more
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Mountain Mandalay Hill
Madalay Hill (Burmese: man-da-lei thaonh) is a 230-metre hill located near Mandalay. Along its path are several monasteries and temples. At its top are famous pagodas and temples. In the old days you had to climb Mand... more
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Monument/Building Shwe Kyi Myin Paya
(Burmese: shui ji myin pei-ya) was built in the 1st century, by Prince Min Shin Saw.
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Monument/Building Sandamuni Paya
(Burmese: san-da-mu-ni pei-ya), located at the foot of Mandalay Hill, is similar to Kuthodaw Paya, an adjacent site. Sandamuni contains the world's largest iron Buddha image.
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Monument/Building Royal Palace
The Royal Palace (Burmese: man-da-lei nan-dau) is a walled city within Mandalay. It was built in 1861 by King Mindon, to fulfill a prophecy. The palace, although destroyed in World War II, was rebuilt, and was renovated recently. It was renovated using forc... more
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