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Melaka (Malacca) Restaurants & Eating

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Melaka's long history of immigration means that the food is as diverse as the people. Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, and Indian food can all be considered "local" dishes, and increasing tourism means the appearance of even more global cuisine and international chains.

Unique to Melaka is Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine, a fusion of Chinese cooking styles with bold Malaysian spices. There are many tourist-friendly restaurants specializing in this type of cuisine and some, like Ole Sayang, have been loved by locals for over 30 years. Other Melaka specialties include chicken rice balls, satay celup, and pineapple tarts.

Diners on a budget will be pleased to discover abundant food centers and kopitiams (Chinese coffee shops serving noodle and rice dishes) where a meal can be had for less than 5 RM.  For classic Malaysian street foods like satay, rojak, and laksa, Newton Food Village is recommended. The malls are also a source of cheap meals with chains like KFC and McDonalds, and self-caterers will appreciate the huge Carrefour Hypermarket.

It may not look so great, but Nonya Laksa tastes delicious. A Melaka favorite.  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>

Come sundown, the place to be is one of the charming riverside restaurants. Most serve a mix of international foods and there’s something to suit every budget, from swanky Harper’s Restaurant & Lounge to the quaint Riverine Coffeehouse.

The nightlife in Melaka is pretty tame, but it picks up on Friday and Saturday with the Jonker Street Night Market and live entertainment until 12am. Other nights, try the Discovery House Cafe for cheap beer and pub games or classy Geographer Cafe for cocktails and jazz.   

Restaurants in Melaka (Malacca)

Local Newton Food Village
For newbies to Malaysian street food, Newton Food Village is the easiest place to get acquainted.  Each stall specializes in one or two local dishes and Malay, Indian, and Chinese cooking styles are all represented. O... more
 1 Fans, Low Budget, Meals from 3-10 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Chinese A Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Located just off Jonker Street, A Famosa is a popular place to sample the Melakan interpretation of chicken rice.  Chicken rice is a staple dish across Malaysia, but the version here is served with the rice rolled into perfectly round balls.  The accom... more
Low Budget, 5RM for a plate of chicken rice balls, 2 RM for a drink, in Melaka (Malacca)
Bakery Tart Tart Bakery
Melaka is known for its Nyonya-style pineapple tarts, and this cozy bakery makes some of the best in Chinatown.  In addition to their famous pineapple ones, they offer 20-some more flavors like strawberry, mango, choc... more
Low Budget, tarts 1.50 - 3 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
International Taragon Bistro
Overlooking Stadthuys and the river, Taragon Bistro is one of the more stylish restaurants in Melaka.  Like most of the tourist eateries the menu offers both Western and Nyonya dishes, but what makes Taragon a cut abo... more
Mid Range, weekday set lunch 10 RM, mains from 10 - 50 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Local Clocktower Cendol
Catering to the tourists at Dutch Square in need of refreshment, Clocktower Cendol sells bottled water, soda, and its namesake dessert of shaved ice, coconut milk, and jelly. Cendol can be found across Southeast Asia, but ... more
Low Budget, Cendol and drinks for 2 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Café Eha Juice Bistro
Who says that healthy food can’t be tasty?  Located just off Jonker Street , Eha Bistro specializes in fresh fruit and vegetable juices prepared right in front of you. Their drink menu lists over 50 juices rangi... more
Low Budget, Drinks and desserts 4 - 10 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Baba Nyonya Ole Sayang
For a true taste of Melaka, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant that’s been serving home-style Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) cuisine since 1983. The trademark of Peranakan cooking is the fusion of Malaysian spice... more
Mid Range, Mains from 6 - 30RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Local Restaurant Sek Yow Fook
If you can’t decide what to eat, you’ll be in good company at Restaurant Sek Yow Fook whose cooks apparently couldn’t decide what to serve. The menu runs the gamut from Chinese dim sum to Malay curries to... more
Low Budget, Dishes from 1.20 - 6 RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
Local Capitol Satay Celup
Satay is a staple across Malaysia, but in Melaka they do it a bit differently. Rather than grilling the skewers of meat, satay celup is cooked in a big pot of boiling peanut sauce at the center of your table. There’s... more
Low Budget, 0.70 RM per skewer, in Melaka (Malacca)
Seafood Quayside Cafe And Seafood
This spot right on the river was once a jetty for cargo boats, but the warehouse was converted into a restaurant and the Quayside Café and Seafood was born. During the day they offer a light menu of drinks and snack... more
Mid Range, Drinks 2 -5 RM, snacks 2-8 RM, seafood 10 - 20RM, in Melaka (Malacca)
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