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Travel Guide > Asia > Malaysia > Johor > Mersing

Mersing Hotels & Sleeping

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If you're headed for the Tioman cluster of islands and happen to arrive in Mersing after 4:30pm, by which time the last ferry has unfortunately departed, it is extremely likely that you'll have to spend a night or two in town.

Since you've already missed your boat, don't be in a hurry to dump all your bags in the first room you find or you might be sorry later on. Take some time to look around - there are no lack of hotels in Mersing, and most of them are located on Jalan Ismail and Jalan Abu Bakar, which are a mere ten-minute walk from the Mersing Jetty/Plaza R&R and five minutes from the Mersing Bus & Taxi Terminal. Ask the receptionists (nicely, of course) for keys to the room before you pay so you know what you'll be paying for. We understand that you're travel-weary but you have the whole night to rest anyway, and you want to sleep somewhere you feel safe and comfortable.

Here's a tip: if you're looking for easy access to a bottle of cold beer, avoid Muslim establishments. Instead, head for Chinese-owned restaurants and hotels because they almost always have a coffeeshop selling beers on the ground floor next to the reception area.

Hotel Deals for Mersing - best price guarantee

Places to Sleep in Mersing

Hotel Hotel Embassy
Located on Jalan Ismail, Hotel Embassy is probably the best hotel in this price bracket. Rooms here are clean and much bigger than those found in nearby hotels. Rates start at RM28, but do yourself a favour and spend spend... more
 1 Fans, Low Budget, RM28-RM55, in Mersing
Hotel Hotel Golden City
Hotel Golden City is less of a hotel and more of a motel. A basic two-star accommodation that falls into the low budget bracket, it provides somewhat clean rooms and large beds with colourful sheets that brighten up an oth... more
Low Budget, RM15-RM35, in Mersing
Hotel Hotel Mersing
Hotel Mersing is an unmissable bright yellow building. Other than its centralised location and being a few minutes walk from the Mersing Jetty, there is nothing remarkable about it. Rooms are small but clean with fresh lin... more
Low Budget, RM35-RM55, in Mersing
Hostel Omar's Backpackers Hostel
Lots of things are happening at Omar's Backpackers Hostel. A walk up a flight of stairs reveals a homely setting, with divisions for the kitchen, the living room,  and several doors leading off into dormitories (RM15 ... more
Low Budget, RM15-RM35, in Mersing
Hotel Timotel Hotel
A mid-range hotel on the other side of the bridge over Sungei Mersing or Mersing River, Timotel Hotel is a little further away from the main cluster of accommodation options in Mersing, but is completely worth going the ex... more
Mid Range, RM150-RM400, in Mersing

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