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Travel Guide > Asia > Japan > Okinawa > Naha > Restaurants & Eating


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Fuenukama is a small cafe and is the perfect place to stop for a tea or coffee. There is an old kiln behind the cafe and both buildings date back 330 years.  Inside the cafe is furnished with rickety chairs and tables and there is locally produced pottery decorating the surrounding shelves.  The connection between past and present is obvious here as the pieces produced today use the same basic techniques and materials used when this kiln was operational.

The menu at Fuenukama is limited, featuring mostly freshly brewed coffee and black or green tea.  There are a few snacks available including ham and cheese toasted sandwiches, ice-cream and Chinbin.  Chinbin is an Okinawan crepe made using the local unrefined brown sugar.  It is not overly sweet but has its own unique flavour similar to treacle or molasses.  It is served alone and no syrup or butter is needed.

Type: Cafe, Light Food, Soups, Tea
Budget level: Mid Range
Costs: Coffee and a snack from ¥700 - ¥1000.
Location: Naha, Japan
Street address: 1-9-29 Tsuboya.
Nearest public transport: Makishi Monorail Station
Opening hours: Daily 10am -7pm
Telephone: +8198861640

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