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North Georgia Mountains Travel Guide

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    The North Georgia Mountains is one of the most beautiful natural places on earth. The Appalachian Mountains, a very old range, create softly rounded peaks and valleys with an abundance of flora and fauna. Fall is considered by many its most beautiful season causing millions of "leaf lookers" to visit the mountains to enjoy the changing leaves that form a calico blanket of red, orange, yellow, brown and green that range as far as the eye can see.

    However, spring and summer have their own beauty. Blossoming dogwood trees, mountain laurel, colorful rhododendrons, bright orange wild azaleas and a multitude of other plants bloom then. Even winter when white blankets the landscape and  freezing water trickling down mountainsides create icy sculptures worthy of an artist has its own beauty although roads are often snowed in and icy making travel harder.

    The North Georgia Mountains is generally considered to begin in Pickens County and range across the top of the state along the Tennessee and North Carolina border to Rabun County on the South Carolina border. Most of the area is enclosed in the Chattahoochee National Forest which creates a home for the vast array of wildlife that inhabit these mountains, black bear, deer, wild turkey, bobcat, fox and dozens of others. Some old timers maintain that a few panthers --painters as they call them-- still roam the highest most desolate peaks.

    It is an area of small towns with little crime who welcome visitors with country charm, apple groves, artists comunities, mountain music,  lakes, streams that rush out from the scenic mountians and just a good place for timeless fun.

    This guide will show your some of the best places to find that special mountain fun. Whether you prefer camping, a lodge,a plush resort, an isolated hike inn, or the special feeling of staying in a mountain cabin, you can use it as a hub to enjoy all the mountains have to offer.


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