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Oahu, Hawaii Travel Guide

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Oahu, known  as "the gathering place" is the seat of the  state government as well as the headquarters of most of its large companies.  The vibe on this island  is distinctly  cosmopolitan  with racial  intermixing and  the resulting  "local"  style is a  unique  melding of cultures, cuisine and customs.  This  is easily observable  in a restaurant or home setting at mealtime or a party. It is never unusual to  see a plate of the finest sashimi served alongside  a platter of mein nooldes, crispy lumpia, spicy kal bi  and  prime rib.

Oahu and  the rest of Hawaii as well, was often  the last place a trend, music artist  or clothing style would  catch on- but not today.  With the profusion of technology, Iphones, Internet and  the Asian market  influences, Hawaii is often one of the first  test spots for product.

Oahu is the island that hosts the Triple Crown of Surfing contests and many others along its North Shore.  There is not a surfer around that  does not wish to visit to ride a wave at Sunset, Pipeline, Velsyland, Waimea,  Haleiwa, Laniakea, Log cabins, Backdoors or on one of the west shore's finest waves at Makaha.  

The North Shore, Makaha  and the gentle waves of Waikiki are  the Holy Grail  for the surf culture. Ditto  Waikiki's influence on the rapidly expanding Polynesian canoe  racing renaissance  that has spread worldwide. Ppopularity is  also  due in part to the Molokai Hoe, the Molokai- to- Oahu  canoe race held each year.  

Most lodging is in Wakiki. There is a hotel at Turtle Bay on the North Shore, B & Bs and cottages  in Kailua to rent for a more local experience  but with fewer amenities and nightlife at nil.

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