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Yomitan Roadtrip

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The Yomitan Roadtrip doesn't cover a long distance, however, there are many attractions to visit.  To properly enjoy each attraction it is better to spend two days in the Yomitan Peninsula or nearby in Onna or Chatan.  One recommended place to stay is the Pension Biru near Maeda Misaki

For those with limited time it is possible to do the trip in a day, spending and hour or less at each attraction.  Another option is to exclude one or two of the attractions and spend more time at the others. 

The Start: Ishikawa Expressway Exit

After leaving the expressway turn right onto Route 73.  Route 73 splits into multiple roads going north and south. Follow the middle road leading to Route 6.  At the traffic lights turn left and head almost back the way you came.  Continue up the hill and you will start to see signs indicating Bios.  Follow those, turning right to continue winding up the hill.  The road is well maintained and leads to a large parking area.  Enjoy the orchids in Bios on the Hill.

From Bios on the Hill to Maeda Misaki

From Bios on the Hill return to Route 6 and continue down the hill to Route 58.  Turn left onto Route 58, travelling in a southerly direction with the sea on the right side.

Just past the Renaissance Resort Hotel turn right onto Route 6.  Travel along Route 6 looking out for signs to Cape Maeda on the right.  Travel to the end of the road where there is a parking lot.  Take a little time to do some snorkeling at Maeda Misaki.

From Maeda Misaki to Yachimun no Sato

From Maeda Misaki return to Route 58 and turn left heading back the way you came.  At the first traffic lights turn right to Ryukyu Mura.  There is a sign.  Ryukyu Mura has a large entrance way and parking lot and is easy to see.  It is on the right hand side of the road.  Ryukyu Mura has a restaurant where you can have some lunch.

From Ryukyu Mura continue along the same road.  The road winds among natural jungle hills until it meets up with Route 58.  Turn right onto Route 58.  Continue along Route 58 for a few kilometres.  You will pass Okiham (With a large pig and cow outside) and then a Esso Gas Station, both on the right side of the road.  Turn right at the next traffic light after the Gas Station. There is a small white sign that says "Potter's Village."  This is Route 12.

Carry on Route 12 for less than a kilometre and you will see an overhead sign to Yachimun no Sato. Turn right, there is a couple of ornate pillars on the corner.  Follow the signs to Yachimun no Sato.  Enjoy a stroll around the village, purchase some pottery and enjoy a snack.

From Yachimun no Sato to Okashi Goten

Return to Route 12 and turn right.  Continue for about 2 kilometres.  Just past the Family Mart on the right hand side is a road leading up to Zakimi Castle Ruins.  Have a look around the ruins and museum before returning to Route 12.

Turn right onto Route 12 and continue till you reach Route 6. Turn right onto Route 6.  Continue straight along Route 6. Follow the signs to Cape Zampa.  (The road continues straight, whereas Route 6 turns to the right and continues to Maeda Misaki and the Pension Biru.)

You will notice Okashi Goten on the left hand side of the road.  It is easy to spot because of the round brightly coloured hat over its entrance.  Stop for refreshments and some souvenir shopping.  Note that you can stop here on your way back from Cape Zampa.

From Okashi Goten to the Okinawa Minami Expressway Entrance

Return to the main road and continue to the end of the road.  This is Cape Zampa.  Take some time to enjoy the views and climb the lighthouse.  Note the lighthouse closes at 4pm.  The sunset is spectacular from the cliffs though.

From Cape Zampa return to Route 6.  Continue straight onto Route 6.  This time continue along Route 6, passing Torii Station on your right, all the way till you reach Route 58.  Turn right onto Route 58 travelling south.  Turn left onto Route 23, following the green signs to the Okinawa Minami Expressway Entrance.

Type: Roadtrip
Difficulty/exertion: Lots of activities to cover in one day.
Location: Okinawa (Region/Ken), Japan
Starting point: Ishikawa Expressway Exit
Finishing point: Okinawa Minami Expressway Entrance
Distance & duration: 7-9 hrs, 51kms
Food/drink stops: Restaurants within the various attractions

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