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Okinawa Travel Guide

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    Okinawa is a beautiful gem of an island nearer to China than to Mainland Japan. The people are probably the most honest that you can find anywhere in the world. It is busy and cosmopolitan with beautiful beaches, small friendly villages and bustling cities. 

    The countryside is diverse and the villages are set in beautiful semi-tropical vegetation with myriads of flowers and the brightest of colours. You can travel safely and, although the island is small, there is so much to see and do that a holiday will provide a fulfilling experience.

    The Okinawan people love their gardens and parks and visiting them is always a pleasure.  The Chinese Gardens, Fukushu En, for example, will provide the visitor with an amazing number of apparently unique views of waterfalls and statuary.

    For the Military Buff there is a wealth ~ too much actually ~ of memories commemorated by museums and monuments.  A word of warning though.  The empath will be disturbed by the visions evoked by, for example, the school girl nursing memorial where, towards the end of WWII they, who were forced into service by the Japanese Army, then abandoned by them as the Americans arrived, were incinerated by the advancing army despite their being innocent victims.

    No visit is complete without a tour of the ancient castles of old Okinawa dating back to when the Island was an independent state.


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