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Ryukyu Mura

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Ryukyu Mura features a group of old Okinawan houses which have been moved to the area and reassembled.  They come from all over the Okinawan islands and are being preserved for visitors to enjoy. 

The setting is lovely, green and lush and surrounded by hills.  The houses are used for a variety of traditional activities such as weaving, tea ceremony and music.  Visitors can learn more about the various aspects of Okinawan life and sometimes even participate

There are a few activities for which visitors have to pay such as painting a traditional Shisa, (Lion Dog) or renting a traditional costume to have your photo taken.

There is a Habu Centre within the park with an extra charge of ¥420 for adults.  Here you can learn more about the local poisonous snake known as Habu. 

Just before you reach the Habu Centre entrance is a pond where visitors can buy a box of food to feed the Koi

Several times a day there are a variety of shows and parades featuring Eisa (traditional drums and dancing), Karate and Shishimai (Lion Dog Dance).

There is a covered area with a restaurant where visitors can stop for a snack or refreshment.  There are also a variety of souvenir stalls, many of them offering handmade items for sale.


From Naha Bus Terminal take bus number 120 to the Ryukyu Mura Mae Bus Stop.  It costs ¥1040 and takes 80 mins. There are two buses an hour.

Type: Amusement Park
Costs: ¥840, students ¥730, children ¥420
Location: Onna, Japan
Street address: 1130 Yamada
Nearest public transport: Ryukyu Mura Mae Bus Stop
Opening hours: Daily, 8:30am-5:00pm
Telephone: +81989651234
Email: info@ryukyumura.co.jp

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