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From the cliffs overlooking the dive site on a busy weekend.  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Maeda Misaki

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Maeda Misaki, known in English as both Cape Maeda and Maeda Point, is one of the most popular dive and snorkelling spots on Okinawa.  There are numerous tour operators offering group tours to the area with the main focus of their advertising on the Blue Cave Experience.  Visitors do not need a guide though and you can snorkel freely if you have the equipment.  Generally, the sea is calm and even poor swimmers can handle the conditions.  However, if the sea is rough after a storm then the area can become hazardous.  Swimming is banned if the water condition is too treacherous so do take care to check before you enter the water.  At weekends when the water is calm it can get very crowded, especially in the cave area.  It is definitely a more rewarding experience to visit the area on a weekday but the snorkelling is spectacular no matter how many people are in the water.  The Blue Cave is very pretty and worth entering, even if it is crowded.  Wait for a lull in the large groups before entering.  The cave is found about 35 metres to the right after entering the water.  It is the norm for swimmers to enter the cave on the right hand side and swim to the back of the cave where they can rest on the rocks there.  Then swim along the other wall to the front of the cave where you will discover why the Blue Cave got its name.

At the top of the cliff above the snorkelling and dive area is a built up rest area.  There is a parking area, at ¥100 per hour.  There are showers at ¥200 for two minutes and lockers for ¥100.  There is also a small shop and a couple of places to get drinks and snacks for after your dive.  On the cliff edge, overlooking the water is a lookout point with spectacular views of the East China Sea. 

For those who don’t want to dive there are paths to take a walk on both the left and right side of the visitor’s area.  These paths lead to some spectacular viewpoints overlooking the sea.  The paths are easy to follow although there are steps so they are not ideal for pushchairs.

Follow the external link to find a dive and snorkel tour operator who have English instructors. Ideal if you would feel more comfortable in a group or if you don't have any equipment.

Type: Diving/Snorkeling
Budget level: Low Budget
Location: Onna, Japan
Street address: Maeda

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