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Mui Ne Getting around

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By motorbike taxi

You can't get lost in Mui Ne, since the whole place consists of one long strip along a main street, Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Motobike taxi are everywhere and their drivers will bug you each time you leave the hotel. Bargain hard to get appropriate prices of 10,000 to 15,000 Dong is more than enough to pay for a ride from one place to another along the main strip.

By taxi

Taxis are also everywhere with fares starting at 12,000 Dong and going to around 20,000 Dong.

By motorbikes and bicycles

You can also rent motorbikes and bicycles at many resorts and tour agencies. Since traffic is light, motorbikes or bicycles are a pleasant way to explore the surroundings. Motorbikes cost anywhere from 60,000 to 150,000 Dong per day depending on how late in the day you start, how many hours you need, age and type of motorbike. Automatics can cost from 230,000 Dong. The locals say it's getting harder to rent because of bike thefts and police enforcement of Vietnamese driving license. Your hotel may rent to you, which may be a bit more convenient since they already have your passport.

Motorbike Riding Precautions in Mui Ne

By law you need to be in possession of a Vietnamese driving licence to drive a motorbike and all people on the motorbike have to wear a helmet. The police is friendly but quite straight forward in enforcing the helmet obligation.

If failing to wear a helmet you will be stopped most probably. Because most tourist, besides not wearing a helmet, are also not having a Vietnamese driving licence, your personal data will be taken down, the motorbike will taken into police custody immediately for about 6 weeks along with a fine of about 1,500,000 Dong about USD$75 USD. Besides the fine, if you are renting a motorbike, the rental company or your hotel might will make you to reimburse you for the loss of the six weeks the motor bike will be in custody.

Some owners claim, that they have agreement with police. So if police have taken your bike, they will get it out by themselves. If the policy stops you, you should stop immediately and be cooperative and friendly - that will the best reaction. In contrast, if all people on the motorbike wear a helmet, you normally will be not stopped by the policy.

Even-numbered addresses are on the sea-side of the street, and odd numbers on the inland side. Even and odd addresses do not line up closely in the main resort strip, so (for example), 39 on the odd side is several hundred meters from 40 on the even side.

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