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Photo journals/multi-images

Zajigirl posted this discussion 9 years and 1 month ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by Zajigirl

Photo journals/multi-images

It mentioned in the Publishing Guide that the eBook will only have one image per article. However, I'd like to find out the possibility of your publishing a more graphics intensive eBook more along the lines of a digital magazine or flip book.

My partner and I would like to make that available too as we've been working on the visual layout as well as the content. And would like to offer that all with a one-stop shop along with the apps and the ebook guides.
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Posted on
by Daniel

Hi Zajigirl,

Our eBooks are designed for travel guides, and feature the main photo for every article. Additional photos are not displayed in the eBook, as the focus is more on the (written) content than on glossy pictures - one photo per article is already more than other guidebooks offer. We don't have plans to change that at the moment, but I am curious to hear what others think.

Our apps and website can include multiple photos per article. There is more info in the FAQ. I am sure you read this already, just post it here for others: http://www.guidegecko.com/help-publish2#include-photos

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