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Travel Guide > Asia > Malaysia > Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) > Salang

Salang Hotels & Sleeping

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As elsewhere on Tioman (except for the Berjaya Resort), accommodation is in simple chalets. Prices vary from RM40 to RM100+, depending on room size and "luxuries" such as hot water and aircon. If you are somewhat used to the weather in South-East Asia, a room with fan and "cold" water will do.

Rooms are generally clean, but don't expect perfect cleanliness or any kind of luxury. Toilets are usually tiny, with the shower head mounted somewhere between the sink and the toilet - it's not uncommon that pipes are leaking and water is dripping. Life is very simple on Tioman!

The chalets are usually equipped with a double bed and a small table or chair. Some rooms come with twin beds. Two towels, a blanket, soap, toilet paper and a mosquito net is provided.

The rooms are only cleaned when you move out, so don't expect anyone to come and clean your room during your stay.

Chalets are located all along the beach. The best place to stay is Salang Sayang (also called Zaid's Place), simply because it is reasonable clean and located right at the best stretch of beach, on your right when you arrive from the jetty. They also have hillside chalets (100RM) that reward you with an amazing view of the waters and village.

Hotel Deals for Salang - best price guarantee

Places to Sleep in Salang in Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island)

Chalet Salang Hut
Other than the low costs of RM40, this very basic place has nothing worth for you to stay there. Last time we did, our room was broken into and the pillow was moldy underneath the cover. Salang Hut is the last place on the... more
Low Budget, Room RM40, discount for long-term stay, in Salang
Chalet Salang Sayang (Zaid's Place)
Salang Sayang (also called Zaid's Place) is the best place to stay on Tioman if you are looking for a beach holiday, simply because it is located right on the sandy stretch of beach south of the jetty. We usually stay here... more
Mid Range, RM70-250, in Salang
Chalet Salang Indah Tioman
Salang Indah is the biggest resort on Salang, and spreads out quite far to the north, encompassing the Salang police post. The reception is located opposite the main restaurant building, which is painted in bright blue, pi... more
Mid Range, RM60-185, in Salang
Chalet Salang Beach Resort
Salang Beach Resort offers a three kind of chalets. The cheapest option is a fan room for RM40. So-called standard rooms cost RM110 and come with aircon. Quad rooms can sleep up to four people, also have aircon, and cost R... more
Low Budget, Double RM40-110, Quad RM145, in Salang
Chalet Ella's Place
Ella's Place offers simple huts, some of them right on the beach with a nice view and balcony. Rooms cost RM50-120; the latter with aircon and can sleep three. The beach in front of the resort is nice to sit and relax on, ... more
Low Budget, Rooms RM50-120, in Salang
Chalet Salang Pusaka Resort
Salang Pusaka Resort is located behind the river, which looks rather dirty and stinks from time to time because of its proximity with Sungai Salang (Salang River). The resort looks rather impressive at first glance, with a... more
Mid Range, RM80-350, in Salang
Chalet Nora's Chalet
Nora's Chalet is hidden place not directly visible from the main road in Salang. Situated behind Salang Pusaka Resort, this place has the one of the two cheapest accommodations on Salang, the other being Puteri Salang Inn.... more
Low Budget, 40RM or 60RM, in Salang
Chalet Puteri Salang Inn
Puteri Salang Inn has one of the cheapest accommodation on Salang along with Nora's Chalet. Fan rooms are 40RM-60RM for two and 75RM for a triple. Air-conditioned rooms are at 120RM and sleeps three. All rooms have cold sh... more
Low Budget, 40RM-120RM, in Salang

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