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Travel Guide > Asia > Malaysia > Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) > Tekek

Tekek Restaurants & Eating

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Most eateries serve Malaysian cuisine and will fire up the BBQ in the evening for freshly grilled seafood and meat. International cuisine are also resdily available.

Prices of food are cheap, starting at 4RM for a dish and going up to 38RM for a BBQ set.

When cafes sit in the midst of forests, you may sometimes witness monkeys playing around and monitor lizards paying a visit too.

Restaurants in Tekek in Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island)

International Tioman Cabana
Probably the best place to be hanging out in Tekek, Tioman Cabana is a tour organiser slash bistro slash hang out slash jamming spot with fire performances from time to time. Packed during the evenings, you can see why thi... more
 1 Fans, Low Budget, 3RM - 15RM, in Tekek
Bakery Shady's Bakery
If you like freshly baked savoury and sweet buns, this is the place for you. They've got chicken floss buns, red bean buns, sandwiches and also cakes and puddings. This is a good place to grab some fuel for the Tekek-Juara... more
Low Budget, 0.80RM - 8RM, in Tekek
Malay Kedai Kopi Makcik
Kedai Kopi Makcik is one of those all-in-one places with the exception of providing accommodation. You can get some Malaysian food (1.50RM - 15RM), buy souvenirs, as well as get fresh local coconuts (5RM) and fresh sugar c... more
Low Budget, 1.50RM - 15RM, in Tekek
Seafood Restoran Citra Anugerah
Situated just outside Berjaya Tioman Resort, the place opens from 6pm onwards and serves seafood and some malaysian cuisine. Diners can crack their crab shells and peel their prawns by the beach, which makes for quite a re... more
Low Budget, 1RM - 38RM, in Tekek
Malay Delima Tomyam And Seafood Restaurant
Here is a homey little cafe also just outside Berjaya Tioman Resort where you will see locals dining in as well. They serve Malaysian and Thai cuisine at prices ranging from 3-14RM and drinks from 1-10RM. They also do seaf... more
Low Budget, 1 - 14RM, in Tekek
Barbeque Warong Syahirah
BBQ dinners here start at 6pm and go till about 9pm. It is open for dinner from 5pm onwards but will start from 9 in the morning when it's the school holidays. Expect the usual BBQ fare like seafood and meats.
Low Budget, 2RM - 18RM, in Tekek
Malay Kedai Makan
Kedai Makan serves up Malaysian cuisine and doubles as an information centre for tourists. It seems that they are able to book tours, however, twice this writer was there, no one was at the counter and no one came even aft... more
1RM - 15RM, in Tekek
Malay KS Cafe
Just a short distance from the Vision Commerce duty-free store is a cafe that has a burger stand. Freshly cooked burgers will be yours at 3RM if you want just the beef/chicken patty and 3.50RM if you wanna add some egg to it.
Low Budget, 3RM - 3.50RM, in Tekek
Malay Teratak Maju Cafe
Teratak Maju Cafe serves up Malaysian cuisine and freshly grilled foods like satay, potato and fish. You can also book sea taxi services. It will cost you 20RM if you are heading to Air Batang and 30RM if Salang is your de... more
Low Budget, 2RM - 15RM, in Tekek
Malay Rosita Cafe
Just next to Teratak Maju Cafe, Rosita serves up cheap Malaysian aside from the cheap Malaysian cuisine they serve (2RM - 35RM), Rosita Cafe also offers sea taxi services. Unlike most operators, you do not need a minimum o... more
Low Budget, 2RM - 25RM, in Tekek
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