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Quantity or quality?

Tim Bird posted this discussion 8 years and 4 months ago Post Reply    

Tim Bird
Posted on
by Tim Bird

Quantity or quality?

I'm wondering how others are approaching the scope of guides, bearing in mind their eventual App format. My approach is to present a good cross-section selection of different kinds of restaurants, for example, rather than everything in town. If you download an App you want something for your money, but is it necessarily helpful to be too expansive? Are buyers looking for general descriptions and summaries or lengthy specifics? Any views?
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Posted on
by katyrw@hotmail.com

I am trying to hit the good places and not go for listing everything. I think that would just be confusing. I'd rather tell about what is unique and worth trying.
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Posted on
by mapleleaf1

When I'm reading on an app, I'm scanning for content so I think your approach would be best. When I'm traveling, I never have time to look into all the places listed in guides. I think having a range of prices is important. I like to see budget places as well as options for finer dining.
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Posted on
by Daniel

From my own, personal experience - I look for guidance.

What to do and what to skip. What to eat, maybe even where. And where to have a beer with the locals. The type of places I look for are subjective, but I believe a guide that really 'guides' is the best.

The above refers to tourist/traveler guides: I don't care about Pizzeria listing no 23 when I am in town for one week only. That's different for a guide aimed at locals, which could/should be more comprehensive.

Hope that helps?
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Posted on
by helloruby

Hey Tim, I second your approach. A traveller might not have the luxury of time to conduct a trial-and-error for good places to eat, so a cross-selecton of fairly good places would be what I'm looking for as a buyer.

On the other hand, it also helps when you include places that we should avoid. Although, that said, good and bad food is often rather subjective.
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