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Request for some changes

travelwriterfromIndia posted this discussion 7 years and 10 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by travelwriterfromIndia

Request for some changes

Hi Daniel,
In the course of my checking the material and the links that I have uploaded in the Mysore Guide, I noticed a few areas which need correction. I tried correcting them myself but they do not lend themselves to correction. I have listed them below and request your help in making the correction.
1) The link that I had given to "Pizza Hut" in the article on COURSES goes to Pizza Hut, Padang, Sumatra.
2)When I click on the link to "Pizza Corner" in the same page i.e COURSES, the link opens to a page which says "DOES NOT EXIST".
3)The listing "Mysore Mylari" in page http://www.guidegecko.com/mysore/indian-vegetarian-restaurants/mysore-mylari/p,608187895 has to be deleted.
4)The name of the airport on page http://www.guidegecko.com/mysore/airports/chamaraja-wadiyor-international-airport-mandakalli-mysore/p,608187132 should read Chamaraja Wodeyar International Airport.
Can you please help.
Thank You,
Bhagyalakshmi (Travelwriterfromindia)
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Posted on
by travelwriterfromIndia

I linked Pizza restaurants in the courses page i.e URL http://www.guidegecko.com/mysore/courses/p,608168695,110, since much of Mysore's global visibilty is due to its being a premier centre for training in yoga and many students search straightaway under yoga. The general article under courses has to do with yoga schools and the support services available for students coming to Mysore for yoga. I will go through it once more and remove some links if they seem not so crucial.
Thank You for removing the 2 links.
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Posted on
by Daniel


Regarding the links - I wonder why you have these links at all? I think it is not really relevant to link to pizza restaurants from a Courses page. In general, you can edit these links yourself by selecting the linked word(s) and then clicking on the "link" icon in the toolbar immediately above the text.

Use the "Parse Links" button wisely, as it can give you unintended links - I hardly use it at all and place all links 'manually' in the way as described above.

Anyway, we have removed these two links plus the "Mysore Melari" listing, and renamed the Airport.

Besides, please always post the URLs together with your question (e.g. for the courses page). That will make it MUCH easier for us. Thanks!

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