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Cape Cross (Punta Križa), Ex-Monsena

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Monsena was at one point a famous naturist resort which unfortunately closed its doors to naturists. From 2005 this area is conducted under another name (Amarin) as a textile resort. It was a sad news because Monsena resort and its guests were known for their liberal policy toward single and gay guests.

Transformation of Monsena nudist resort into Amarin textile resort affected the gay nudist beach as well. The former gay nudist beach was located right next to Monsena (now Amarin) and south of improvised restaurants.

Today the gay nudist beach has moved a bit further to the north, between improvised restaurants. The new location is at the Cape Cross (local name Punta Križa). It is a rocky beach and reports say that the new location hasn't affected its popularity. It is still the most popular gay nudist beach in Croatia.

How to get there?

The most convenient way it to have car or motocycle if you plan to visit beach every day during your vacation.

Another option is also to go by bus to the campsite (last stop) but further to the beach you need to walk. This is not so comfortable if you wish to stay later at night when is also interesting around the beach and imrovised restaurants. Last bus leaves from campsite entrance at about 9. Please check the timetable once you're there.

Some people also walk from the beach to the town centre but it takes more than 45 minutes walk.

To get to the beach by car drive to Amarin resort. At the small roundabout, the second way out is right the entrance of the campsite Amarin. But you take the first way out (by passing parking lots on your left side). The asphalt streets after 20 meters turns to left, than you are passing the house of the campsite on your left and in a few meters you will see on your right a small dirt road (it is long about 2 km). Turn right to that street, here is the place where asphalt street ends, and campsite fence will be on your left side before you turn. Drive until you reach the end of the road where the big nude beach begins. You can park your car close to the improvised restaurants.

How hot it is?

This gay beach is also visited by locals and foreigners, in August is especially visited by many Italian gay men. On weekends plenty of guys from Zagreb and Slovenia visit as well. The woods ahead of the gay beach is usually very cruisy, long and wide with a lot of narrow paths. Sometimes the beach itself acts as a cruising area. Action possible on the beach from 7pm.

This is for gays the hottest destination. If you like a lot of hot action for the summer, than "Monsena" as people still call this area, this would be perfect vacation for you.

Some unwritten rule is that taking photos of the people on the beach is not allowed due to level of privacy they want to have. Taking photos in the bar could be allowed if you make pictures with friends.

People are very open-minded, relaxed and naked. There a many straight couples and singles and sometime hot actions might start even when you park your car and heading to the beach. Respect others, relax and enjoy! And let us know with review if you like this venue!

Type: Beach
Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Street address: Punta Križa
Management/Crowd: Gay friendly

Cape Cross (Punta Križa), Ex-Monsena Reviews

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by Cedrus
It's better to avoid Rovinj as new City major made ban on swinger and gay beach as they do not wish for such guests. So it's better to spend out money on some civilized place.
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