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Travel Guide > Asia > Laos > Savannakhet

Savannakhet Restaurants & Eating

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Many local café serve traditional Lao's coffee with condensed milk at the bottom and the coffee on top.

For traditional cappuccino, latte or ice coffee, there are two Dao Heuang coffee shops, one in the court yard in front of the Catholic Church, the other on Sisavangong Road which is just down the road from the bus station.


There is a wide selection of small bars and cafes up on the river front at the north end of town. For baguette sandwich and roti for around 5000 Kip each, head to Ratsavongseuk street.


Head to just north of the concentration of guesthouses and find some great restaurants with for example, fondue, hotpot or chilli-basil frog. From 30 to 40,000 Kip.


French Restaurant Dao Savanh is off Khantabuli Road near the court yard in front of the Catholic Church. Serves both lunch and dinner meals for a reasonable price.

The 3 course "Menu Dejeuner" for lunch is for around 65,000 kip is absolutely scrumptious, and a larger dinner menu includes entrees from 100,000 to 300,000 Kip.

The ultimate decadent dish comes with a hefty price is the 1kg imported fresh lobster flambéed in whiskey for 1,000,000 Kip. The staff are very attentive and all the dishes are presented in an excellent manner. It is possibly the epitome of fine French dining in Laos.

Restaurants in Savannakhet

International Cafe Anakot
Japanese, Lao, and Western food, with a unique selection of smoothies, tea, and fresh juices. Good choice for vegetarians. Offers book exchange, guidebooks, wi-fi and handicrafts. English speaking staff. Open 8:30am-9pm. Directionsnear Catholic church
Low Budget, 5,000 - 37,000 Kip, in Savannakhet
International Savannakhet iLounge Cafe
The owner Joy has been a cook at The Dao Savanh Resort and Spa, and trained in French and Western cuisine in both Vientiane and Pakse. Lao, Thai, and Western menu. American breakfast with locally sourced sausages, burgers, stir fry, spaghetti carbonara, steak w/... more
Low Budget, 5,000 - 45,000 Kip, in Savannakhet
International Lin's Cafe
Local and Western food. English speaking staff offering many services, including bikes for rent, tourist information, free wi-fi, handicrafts, cooking class (see website).Directions100 metres North of Savanh Dao rest. at Plaza
Low Budget, 10-30,000 kip, in Savannakhet
International Vegetarian Food restaurant
This is the only entirely vegan restaurant in town, known by locals as "Hanarhan J". Delicious traditional Lao and Vietnamese food can be found here, including tofu, mushrooms, and a wide variety of vegetables. Recommended are the soups and high concen... more
Low Budget, 10-30,000 kip, in Savannakhet
International Natalie's Kitchen
A good place especially for breakfast or lunch with baguette, omelette, coffee (Lao style) and fruits. Friendly people who like to make a conversation. Owner is a retired doctor. She speeks very good french. Directionsnear Sayamounkhoun guesthouse
Low Budget, 15-40,000 kip, in Savannakhet
International French Restaurant Dao Savanh
Serves both lunch and dinner meals for a reasonable price - the 3 course "Menu Dejeuner" for lunch (around 65,000 kip) is absolutely scrumptious, and a larger dinner menu includes entrees from 100,000-300,000 kip. The ultimate decadent dish (with a hef... more
Luxury, in Savannakhet

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