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Siem Reap Health & Safety

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Beware of convenient store scams. The 24 hour convenient store next to Mikey's Bar gives incorrect change and pockets the rest. Numerous travelers have reported falling victim to this scam. If you walk out of the store, it's already too late. Despite the fact that most convenience stores have security cameras, it won't help. Avoid the convenience store near Mikey's bar and others like it at all costs.

Street vendors and beggars are present in notable numbers. Due to the competition for generous travelers' money, some have developed cunning, if underhanded, techniques to get your attention. The most notable are the "beggar army", normally located around the South or West end of Pub Street.

Young children will come up to you in the crowd and grab your hands, leading you to a store where they will then try and have you buy food, milk, water for them. Sounds like a more humanitarian way to help than simply giving them money, right? But once you leave the store, the goods you bought for them end up being resold to other locals, with their handlers getting the cash.

Also, beware of the children reaching into your pockets or purse and grabbing what they can. In addition to these children, other children or young women will often walk around with younger children cradled in a krama.

If you want to make a difference for the people of Siem Reap, consider visiting the Handicap International site near the Hospital, the Children's Hospital, or donate through an International Charity like Red Cross.

Young adults may try to pass themselves off as representatives and donation-collectors for orphanages. They will show photos of themselves in the orphanage, claim to be volunteer workers themselves, etc. Again, do not donate direct to these "collectors" as none of your goodwill will make it to those who need it - instead deal with a recognised charity.

Siem Reap has long since been thoroughly demined.

Clinics in Siem Reap

Hospital Royal Angkor International Hospital
Owned by the Bangkok Hospital Group and caters specifically to tourists. The care is not cheap, but it is of a very high standard. There is a fully stocked pharmacy, General Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pediatrician, etc. Fractures, intestinal problems, medicine... more
in Siem Reap

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